FruitPunch AI Bootcamp

The main goal of the Bootcamp is to learn by doing. It will give people with no previous knowledge in AI the ability to ability to solve real-life problems using AI methods.

Wedad Anbtawi - AI Bootcamp Lead Tweet


AI Bootcamp consists of 12 online sessions, focusing on some machine learning and deep learning methods. It will start on 15 November, each Sunday from 12 PM till 4 PM CEST (except 27 December as it will be a holiday).


Students with an interest in learning how to do AI. The requirements are:

  • Basic Python Knowledge
  • Knowledge in calculus, linear algebra, and statistics.
  • No knowledge to beginner level in Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Ready to work in teams
  • Availability: being able to attend at least 8 sessions out of 12 sessions starting 15 November


Each session will contain explanations for 1.5 hours and the remaining is for the individuals to work on a topic-related challenge. The remaining sessions will be for teams to work on an assigned real-life project.

115-Nov-2020Linear Regression
222-Nov-2020Exploratory Data Analysis
329-Nov-2020Unsupervised Learning + Clustering
46-Dec-2020Supervised learning (Random Forest)
513-Dec-2020Neural Networks
620-Dec-2020Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
73-Jan-2021Natural Language Processing
810-Jan-2021Special Topic: TBD
917-Jan-2021Project Week 1
1024-Jan-2021Project Week 2
1131-Jan-2021Project Week 3
127-Feb-2021Project Presentations


The applicants have to present the results of the projects in the 12th session. Certificates will be distributed at the end of the Bootcamp.

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