The challenge

The primary goal is to get an insight into the human impact on Earth, to drive and guide conservation efforts of this planet we call home. Our approach will be twofold: 

  1. Firstly we will work on AI algorithms that can serve as an early detection system of human impact sites.
  2. Secondly we will use these detection systems to find satellite images that show the most impactful human-caused changes, which will be used in the creation of a video to launch an awareness campaign. 

You will be working with ESA to detect things like:
🔥 Wildfires and 🪵 Deforestation   
🌊 Marine Litter and 🧊 Melting Glaciers 
💨 Air quality detection & 🐾 Novel animal migration patterns 
🔎 and much more! 

European Space Agency

To reach these goals we’ve partnered up with ESA, who are able to use our algorithms to monitor new satellite data and guide conservation efforts. They will provide us with multi-spectral data of their Sentinel-2 satellite pair and with invaluable knowledge and research on the domain of Earth Observation data in participant only masterclasses. 


The challenge will run throughout September and October, where you will collaborate with a diverse team of over 30 international data specialists and domain experts in subteams, all tackling this problem from different angles. Subtasks like the detection of deforestation, wildfires, marine litter or any other human caused impact.

All contributors in the challenge are expected to spend 12 hours or more per week during the entirety of the two month challenge.

To learn more request the link to the info session HERE!

Some important dates:

  • 3rd of August – Info session
  • 1st of September – Challenge Kick-off
  • 29th of September – Midterm presentations
  • 29th of October – Final presentations

Apply to join the Challenge

The deadline for application is 27 August 12:00 CEST

Fill in the Google Form behind this button to become one of the 50 engineers collaborating with ESA to develop ML models that can detect our impact on planet Earth!



The project is spearheaded by SUN whose goal is to increase the commercialization of space enabled solutions and growth of European start-ups and scale-ups in the space downstream and upstream sectors.


ESA will be the main stakeholder and domain knowledge provider in the challenge. Their efforts to aid human’s space endeavours as well as protect the planet we live on will serve us for many years to come. 


MLReef provides an open source platform for collaborative Machine Learning. They provide the computational infrastructure to support the EO4Earth project as part of their AI4GOOD and Open Science initiatives.


As a partner in the SUN project, the innovation management and market research expert Brimatech helps out in the overall organisation of the challenge. 


The ‘Mothership’ is a dedicated open innovation program created by Space4Good and World Startup Factory. The Mothershi is leveraging recent advancements in artificial intelligence and satellite technologies in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Space4Good is a geospatial innovation lab supporting impact makers on the ground with earth observation insights from above.


Worldstartup is a collective of international entrepreneurs, experts, mentors and investors, dedicated to help the best impact-driven startups and scaleups.