Apply AI to facilitate and accelerate the Energy Transition

With AI for Energy we would like to enable the use of AI technology in the energy domain. Our community members are students, educators, and organizations with an interest or stake in the energy transition. They are connected through our platform which allows them to educate, connect and to share knowledge from their own domain-side of view. 

Let’s …


Our platform is the place where you can enrich yourself with knowledge about the specific energy domain application or AI technology. Educators provide you with the content of the state of the art in the domain. Each individual can use the platform to learn and expand their knowledge.


We provide you the platform to enable you to share your knowledge in the domain. What are the new technologies out there? What are the current research projects that are going to make an impact on the domain? We would like people to interact and help each other in the challenges they face. The platform should create an overview for you of the current best practices, promises and future opportunities in the domain.


We are the platform that connects students, educators and organizations with AI applied to the Energy domain all under one roof. We would like to make it easy for you as a community member to find the right people that will allow you to overcome your future challenges.


Only with shared knowledge from the industry, educational institutions and individuals that share a common vision on the application of AI to accelerate the energy transition can collaborate in pushing the AI technologies towards the plateau of productivity. Together we can ensure the maturing of the technologies in the field of AI that contribute the most towards the energy transition.