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🥝 We believe in community based learning, where people learn by trying new things together and helping eachother out when you seem to get stuck. FruitPunch AI Code offers the perfect opportunity for this: people getting together, trying to learn about AI. Next to that there are AI-experts from FruitPunch AI to guide you even more when needed. 

We’ll have challenges for the community to solve to stimulate creativity and introduce you to different fields in AI. The subject can vary through the whole AI spectrum and the difficulty level from beginner to expert.  

🍍 To make things even more clear, we’ve gathered an AI Canon, a collection of tutorials, guides, video’s and literature about artificial intelligence. These pieces are put in a nice overview to make it even easier for you to progress in your journey through the field of AI.

🍉 Would you love to get together with other AI enthusiasts, learn about artificial intelligence on your own pace and just generally have a good time during?

🎟️ Get your ticket now through our Eventix page (pizza & drinks included)! 


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Our Challenges

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Learning material

🍒 The challenges can be difficult. To get up to speed for the AI Code sessions or to get some quick learning in, we’ve prepared some tutorials!

🍉 We’ve prepared an AI Canon: a collection of AI tutorials, guides, literature and video’s for people that want to learn more in depth about AI.