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At FruitPunch AI you learn the soft and hard skills needed to apply AI in the real world; as an engineer at one the world’s most innovative companies or as entrepreneur in the sustainable AI startups we help you build.

We organize AI Code, the weekly gathering of the AI enthusiast!

Up for a challenge? Join an AI bootcamp, masterclass or real-world challenge where you learn by doing in a team and become a certified AI engineer!

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Ongoing & upcoming

We use our online platform for direct communication with our community about education and events! You can find an overview of the different things we offer below.

AI Code

To a lot of people, artificial intelligence is an abstract and scary field of study. Not knowing how or were to start learning about this enormous concept people often find themselves not learning at all.
AI Code is the weekly get-together of AI enthusiast, all wanting to learn about artificial intelligence, everyone on their own pace and level.

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AI Bootcamp

AI Bootcamp consists of 12 online sessions, focusing on some machine learning and deep learning methods.

The main goal of the Bootcamp is to learn by doing. It will give people with no previous knowledge in AI the ability to ability to solve real-life problems using AI methods!

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AI Masterclass

Day long masterclasses about a specific subject in the field of AI, taught by industry and academic professionals!

The topics are related to ongoing AI for Good projects and of course coupled with programming assignments to get you in the groove.

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