FruitPunch AI against covid-19: provide insights to contain the corona virus pandemic and its greater economic effects.

To minimize the impact of the covid-19 pandemic we need act in a way that stops the spread and doesn’t put an unnecessary burden on our economy. The FruitPunch AI community is going to create insight into this pandemic, and try to prevent snowball effects on our economy and wellbeing. Starting with developing benchmarks for The Netherlands based on the globally available data that can prevent a collapse of our healthcare system and economy.

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The challenge

Now we’re looking into setting up a new consortium together with the TU/e, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and Brainport for a living lab called ‘De anderhalve-meter maatschappij’ and getting more into depth on the effect on mental health.

Before we answered these questions:
🥝 At what point will our healthcare system break?
🍒 What is the impact on global health of this economic downturn?

Updates articles written by FruitPunchers:
#1: a crystal ball for COVID-19

#2: predicting the curve

#3: geographical mapping of infections

We gained insight into the breaking points of our healthcare & supply systems so we can set up clear bench marks that flatten the curve. This is how we prevent a breakdown of our healthcare system. To this end we’re going to do a descriptive analysis of the infection & death rates in different affected countries and look at healthcare capacities.

And, we looked into the greater effects of the corona pandemic. Historic data shows an economic recession has even more dire effects on global health than this virus due to joblessness, debt and less of access to proficient care.


De Grote Griepmeting
A platform that collected Dutch flu-data for over 15 years!
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Omdena is an innovation platform for building AI solutions to real-world problems through the power of bottom up collaboration.
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Innovation Origins #2:

Tomorrow is Good: A crystal ball for COVID-19 or the (artificial) intelligence behind this pandemic.

Innovation Origins #1:

Artificial Intelligence checks influence Corona policy has on the infection explosion.

Quick facts

Quick facts about covid-19:

🍉 infection rate (R0) of the common flu is 1.3, giving 146 infections after 20 contaminations, covid-19 has an R0 of ~2.5, resulting in *36 million* infections in the same timespan!

🍎 death rate of the flu is 0.1% and of covid-19 1.6%, resulting to current estimates of 10 to 100 times more deaths than the flu globally, aka 5 to 50 million people!

🍊 biggest threat now: a collapse of the healthcare system due to overloading – there’s only beds for about 0.28% of our population, we need to slow the infection now.

🥥 solution: a swift and common community response is the only way we can contain this virus, by cancelling events, limiting social contact (especially with at-risk groups like your grandparents or other people’s children) and of course abiding by the hygiene guidelines.


The greater economic effects of covid-19:

📉 Indicator: the stock markets have fallen an average of 20% over the last month – affecting the tech-market with a 25% drop – indicating a next recession. Source.

🥊 Implications: an economic recession can increase death rates by as much as 8%, where the worst-case scenario of covid-19 would kill ~1% (see last post). Source.

🌏 Context: a recession has been expected to arrive this year, with national debts ballooning and countries (like Italy!) already fighting off a recession for years. Source.

☀️ On the bright side: even though covid-19 is affecting supply and demand there are little indicators of a broken market like before the 2008 recession. Tech stocks have been astronomically high and are facing a downturn, but this could be the reality check they needed to avoid a bubble. Source.

💪 Solution: invest in your long-term prosperity by taking the pandemic serious now but keep working remote, read up on effective remote-working methods and don’t step into the vicious cycle of selling off and cancelling deals. Source.

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