Community & purpose

Being part of the FruitPunch AI core team you develop leadership skills and a global network in the most relevant contemporary field: artificial intelligence. We need 🖌️ designers, ⚙️ engineers, 👥 connectors and 🎓 educators. Together we build a global community that applies AI for good!

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What kind of hero will you be?

What kind of hero will you be? As FruitPunch AI team member you will take on a facilitating role in the AI for Good revolution. 💪 We need people with all different kinds of backgrounds to best serve this wicked world. We have a problem-first mindset, meaning we think AI will play a central role in for Good projects as a force-multiplier but we do not limit ourselves to it. Explore the different positions by scrolling down or navigating the menu ‘Board positions’!

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May 20, 2020 12:30 PM Amsterdam

Team Leader

As you might’ve guessed, the term “Team Tyrant” is ironic. To be a leader is to walk the fine line between driving your team to perform and sustaining them in the long run. You will have to know everyone intimately to cultivate a kind culture whilst making no compromises on goals and quality of work.

You will represent FruitPunch AI towards important partners and train yourself in the politics of multi-stakeholder situations. If you care for people and have a driving vision to do good, you might be suitable to become our next Team Leader!

💪 build a strong team & culture
🎓 learn how to lead and plan
⚙️ implement your vision


"I started at FruitPunch AI with the aim to learn more about the world of AI. I dove in head first, like I tend to with many new things, and was embraced by the open and welcoming team and community. I was hoping to improve my planning and management skills, but I feel like I learned even more than that: the science of people. It's something I won't unlearn and I'm grateful for that."
Robert van Dijk
Team Leader

Financial Strategist

While you have to be meticulous and carry a good administration, this role is also characterised by resourcefulness and an entrepreneurial spirit. Treasurer-type tasks take up about 20% of your time, the rest is spent on financial strategy. 

You will decide on projects initiated by the community, manage subsidies and expectations of multiple partners and find new revenue sources for even wilder dreams – while being a voice of reason if things go astray. If this sounds like you, you could be our next Financial Strategist!

💪 manage financing & resources
🎓 learn how to manage & decide
⚙️ realise your financial strategy


"Last year I learned a lot about working with major grants and sponsorships. As the financial man of the foundation FruitPunch AI you build the policy concerning the expenditure within the organisation. You make sure that spending fits within the goals or guidelines as they were set when raising the funds. Furthermore, you are eager to come up with new ideas of generating funds within the organization."
Vincent Fokker
Financial Strategist

Social Media Lead

What you shine your light on will bloom. Communication is key for a fast growing community and you will be  translating complex concepts to consumable bites, without sacrificing the message and grasp people’s attention in the digital wasteland.

You will think up innovative campaigns to promote the amazing projects from the community on social media,  and further expand our reach. Do you love writing, social media and translating complex subjects? Then you’re perfect as Digital Diva!

💪 build a loyal following
🎓 learn how to translate & engage
⚙️ find what moves people


"Being a part of FruitPunch AI has taught me a very important lesson: being professional, but having fun simultaneously! In social media, context and appearance are important in representing a brand, let it be your name, company or student team. That’s why I'm a part of this fruitful and colourful team. Represent an inspirational name and be part of the AI for Good revolution!"
Yasemin Yasarol
Social Media Lead

External Affairs

Any product is only as good as its salesman. There’s more business to running a community than many think, and FruitPunch AI has been successful because we realised this early on. Network is your net-worth.

You will be the business leader of the community, networking for new, and managing existing partners. Tailor your pitch to each audience to secure partnerships, and get to know the key players in the field of AI. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and can sell an open-source library to a coder, you’re suitable to be our next External Affairs!

💪 build a strong network
🎓 learn how to pitch & sell
⚙️ know your partners intimately


"As external affairs of FruitPunch AI I expanded my network immensely and learned what the real challenges are that companies face. When you’re representing a student organisation people really open up, and I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations. This experience, about the humans and politics behind AI has been the foundation on which I’ve built my new startup."
Buster Franken
External Affairs

Community Manager

A community manager is the heart and soul of any thriving community. With FruitPunch AI we focus on openness, diversity and acceptance. When people feel like they belong, they can be creative, grow and contribute!

You will be the first point of contact for the community and combine their unique perspectives to one clear image like the multi-facetted eye of the dragonfly. If you like talking with new people, finding out what drives them and creating a (digital) home, you’re suitable to be the FruitPunch AI Community Captain!

💪 build a diverse & accepting community
🎓 learn how to communicate & listen
⚙️ know your community intimately


"Being the Community Captain taught me the importance of keeping in touch with our team and our community, which creates a supportive atmosphere. It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and meet many amazing people 🙂 Furthermore, I learned how to keep the team spirit between the members and in the community high. "
Meilina Reksoprodjo
Community Captain

Visual Designer

FruitPunch AI puts strong emphasis on visual storytelling. As Graphical Genius you get great creative freedom stretching beyond making an image. You determine how what we do feels to our community members.

You will make compelling visual campaigns, shaping everything we put out. Atop of that you will work on designing merchandise and the user interaction of online environments we use to collaborate. If you have an eye for design and a gut feeling for interaction, you’re suitable to be our Graphical Genius!

💪 build a strong brand
🎓 learn how to tell visual stories
⚙️ define the FruitPunch AI style


"During my time at FruitPunch AI I was given creative freedom and trust very early on which made every new project very exciting. Receiving feedback from people from different backgrounds has taught me to look at the design process from different perspectives. If you are looking for a team where you get the opportunity to challenge yourself and be challenged, you are at the right place."
Nina Boes
Visual Designer

Quick facts & current team

FruitPunch AI has accelerated extraordinarily fast since its founding in December of 2018. 🚀 With a team consisting of students and part-timers we’ve jump started our AI for Good community, organised over 20 events, ran a pilot AI competition, built a network of over 500 AI enthusiasts and got funded to do so much more.

We are now at the dawn of launching our 🌍 international AI for Good community platform and setting up our first real-world AI for Good implementation in 🇿🇦 South Africa, with researchers and companies from all over the world contributing. 

We believe that through the power of collaboration we can apply AI to do good, whilst developing ourselves as entrepreneurs, engineers and leaders. We are looking for people with: 🥝 an entrepreneurial mindset 🍍 a nack for communication 🍉 an eye for design 🍒 a way with people!

Below you can see our current team in classic FruitPunch AI pose and in a more contemporary setting (Zoom 😉

FruitPunchers don’t give up!

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