In our AI for Good projects we take on humanity’s greatest challenges by applying artificial intelligence. We believe AI is the best force multiplier and thus essential in solving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations where resources are scarce. We have a problem first mindset, thus although we believe DS plays a central role in many projects, we work in teams with people from all scientific domains.

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We apply AI for Good!

We apply AI for Good in projects like: AI for Wildlife, where we’re building an autonomous drone that hunts down poachers in the wildlife reserves of South Africa, AI for Health where we’re applying AI to assist doctors in diagnosis and prevent the suffering of millions of people and AI for Food, where we’re developing robots that make it so we can feed more people, while using less farm ground. 

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Ongoing projects

AI for Health: Against Sepsis #4

FruitPunch AI for Health: Early prediction of the risk of a preterm born baby developing sepsis by extending an existing classification model with more features, exploring more advanced models and developing a new explainable time-series model.

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AI for Coral Reefs

We have already lost or severely damaged more than 50% of coral reefs and 85% of oyster beds worldwide. Studies estimate nearly all reefs will be at risk by 2050 unless action is taken now to reduce the threats. We aim to do something about this. ReefSupport Tweet The context Lately, you’ve probably seen the

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AI for Earth

The goal of this challenge is to get an insight into the human impact on Earth, to drive and guide conservation efforts of this planet we call home.

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