Since the dawn of mankind humans have been proven to work better together than as lone wolves.

Therefore we build the community around Artificial Intelligence, getting people together to further the field. Start connecting using our Slack!

Take a look at the various events we host!

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AI is taking off massively and therefore the AI engineer is becoming more and more important.

We organize AI Code, the weekly gathering of the AI enthusiast!

We’ve composed an AI canon: a collection educational material that will help you with your journey through the field!

We organize masterclasses to boost your knowledge on more specific subjects!


Games have always been a good way to test one’s abilities. Now they are used to test and advance the abilities of AI.

We host an AI-esports competition to stimulate the growth of AI!


Articles Nu.nl and Innovation Origins

Looking forward to AI Connect, we wanted to reach lots of AI enthusiasts all over the Netherlands to come to the event! The biggest news website in the Netherlands, NU.nl, wrote an article about us here, as well as Innovation Origins here

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