Announcing our fourth speaker for AI Connect, Zoltán Szlávik, AI Research Director at myTomorrows and former AI Researcher at IBM!

Zoltán will talk about the ethics of applied AI. 

Zoltán Szlávik is the lead at the IBM Benelux Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), where his research is focused on various aspects of Artificial Intelligence (e.g. Crowdsourcing, AI Ethics), applied to client challenges, both internally and externally. His background is in Data Science (IBM, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Information Retrieval (Queen Mary University of London). The IBM Benelux Center for Advanced Studies is a Research and Innovation department in which IBM researchers and academic partners study (enterprise) crowdsourcing, AI and Data Science, and apply these concepts on real-world industrial challenges in prototypes and first-of-a-kind implementations.

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