What is FruitPunch AI?

FruitPunch AI is the global AI for Good community that solves humanity’s greatest challenges.

By doing AI for Good projects and challenges like AI for Wildlife, we are educating a generation of AI engineers in the ethical and sustainable application of AI.

For participants we provide free AI education, a global community of peers and real-world experience.

Partners get bias free, future proof solutions in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, experienced AI talent, corporate education and of course a fair share of good press.

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Our mission

Imagine a world in which we can feed more people while using less farm grounds. A world in which implementing one single algorithm can save as much energy as 33.000 windmills produce, or prevent the misdiagnosis and suffering from millions of people. A world where we actually reach the Sustainable Development Goals and climate agreements in time.

To get there a fundamental shift in mindset is needed. Applying technology and AI for Good has to move from a ‘nice to have’ to the #1 priority of any organisation.

Our approach is bottom-up and top-down. By educating a generation of AI for Good engineers that cary our mindset to the organisations they go and work for and by working together with organisations to develop sustainable AI solutions.



The start of any revolution is education. With our unique approach of challenge-based learning we are raising a generation of AI engineers that have the skills and mindset needed to apply AI for Good.

We give free AI education to everyone with an internet connection, providing an equality of opportunity and breaking economic shackles.



By bringing together people from all different cultural, economic and scientific backgrounds we ensure a diversity of perspectives needed to reduce bias in AI and build future proof solutions.

We work with domain experts, knowledge institutions, organisations and governments to build safe and sustainable solutions.



We solve challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through global, bottom-up collaboration.

We work with companies to help them innovate in challenges and build our own sustainable AI startups by matching AI for Good projects with investors and sustainable business models. 

Recent developments

AI for Health: Against Sepsis #4

FruitPunch AI for Health: Early prediction of the risk of a preterm born baby developing sepsis by extending an existing classification model with more features, exploring more advanced models and developing a new explainable time-series model.

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AI for Coral Reefs

We have already lost or severely damaged more than 50% of coral reefs and 85% of oyster beds worldwide. Studies estimate nearly all reefs will be at risk by 2050 unless action is taken now to reduce the threats. We aim to do something about this. ReefSupport Tweet The context Lately, you’ve probably seen the

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AI for Earth

The goal of this challenge is to get an insight into the human impact on Earth, to drive and guide conservation efforts of this planet we call home.

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Where we began

In the summer of 2018, when studying at the Eindhoven University of Technology, FruitPunch AI founder Buster Franken wanted to join an AI community to learn how to apply AI, but couldn’t find such a thing in his hometown. Thus he decided to start one together with a group of friends from his university.

They knew the focus had to be on teaching practical skills, but how could they motivate nerds from all backgrounds to learn about AI? With this thought in mind they participated in the yearly Robocup competition in Montreal (which they won ;).

Between matches the people maintaining the network offered them a glass of fruit punch and when they started talking it turned out they normally organised e-sports competitions with thousands of visitors. It is there they put 2 and 2 together and knew they were organising an AI esports competition as first event! And name the community FruitPunch AI.

Soon FruitPunch AI was organising all kinds of events and Buster knew more good could be done. Students should not only learn how to apply technically, but also learn how to use it to make this world a better place. Thus the focus shifted to the application of AI for Good!

Now 2020, still something was missing. It was scale! To multiply the positive impact of FruitPunch AI Buster developed a sustainable business model and with this attracted half a million in seed investment from LUMO Labs, an impact investor.

The FruitPunch AI team and competitors in the first competition


The upcoming three months we’re going to: 



Buster Franken

CEO, Founder

Buster holds a triple major in Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience and Data Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) where he researched brain-computer interfacing.

He has worked as an actor, security guard, and chemistry teacher, where he found a burning passion for education. He helped found the TU/e AI institute where he remains active as AI program advisor.

His life’s mission is to change humanity’s mindset towards truly sustainable development and restore balance in our ecosystem.


Sako Arts

CTO, Co-founder

Sako holds a Master in Computer Science and is the first generation of the TU/e’s Data Science in Engineering track which he helped form as the student assesor. He specialized in ML and DL.

He has worked for 2.5 years in Software Solution Startup Wolfpack where he brought AI into production and managed the implementation of real-world software projects.

He is passionate about Technology, Science and Education and will direct all these passions towards deploying AI for Good on a global scale!


FruitPunch AI would be nowhere without all its passionate volunteers that spend their time educating their peers and leading our AI for Good projects. Here are a couple of honourable mentions of the most dedicated FruitPunchers:

Statistics & pictures (press)

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